Do CBD Oils Enhance Sex? The Answer is Tantalizing!

About 8% of men aged 50-79 suffer from low testosterone. It’s one of the major causes of reduced libido. While CBD for sex can’t magically increase your testosterone count, it reacts with body receptors that could put you in the mood. CBD oils are also famous for reducing stress. The lower your anxiety, the more […]

Erotic Massages with CBD Oils

Are you looking for your new favorite erotic massage? Read here to learn about erotic massages with CBD oils and find out why you’re sure to love them. Were you aware that the CBD industry is worth more than $9 billion? Lots of people have been raving about using CBD to improve all kinds of […]

What male-masturbator is good for you?

We know that when it comes to sex toys there are thousands of options on the market and today, we will talk specifically about masturbators for men. If you still haven’t decided to buy one or you don’t know how to choose one, here Hotflixx gives you some tips to make this decision easier. Men […]

Must-haves for a sexy Valentine’s Day night

The most romantic date of the year is approaching and surely you do not know what to give your partner, in Hotflixx  we have options for the perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the perfect gift for this day of love, but what better option than giving pleasure […]

3 types of sex toys for female stimulation

If you still haven’t decided to buy a sex toy or you don’t know which one to choose from the great variety we have at Hotflixx, here are some tips to make your decision a little easier and above all-knowing what part you want to stimulate and that the woman’s body especially is full of […]

5 tips for better and intense orgasms

We know that the cherry on the cake when having intimate encounters is to reach an orgasm full of sensations and that makes you explode with pleasure, but how to reach it in an even more powerful way? Hotflixx has these tips that you should not miss. Although we know that each person is different […]

3 most common sexual fetishes

Talking about sexuality would be to talk for hours, since in this world there are endless options, tastes, and fantasies. Until a few years ago very few people dared to talk about fetishism  related to the sexual bubble, as it was considered a taboo subject. However, this situation has changed. This time Hotflixx  will tell […]

Tips To Make Your Sex Toys Last Much Longer

You probably already have at least one sex toy in your collection and Hotflixx wants you to get the most out of them and enjoy them so we will tell you what you should do to take better care of them and make them last longer. There are thousands of options if we talk about […]

Hotflixx: Find the Perfect Gift

The holidays are coming and it’s time to shop for gifts. This year give something special, let them use it all year long and especially, let them enjoy it. So, at Hotflixx you will find the perfect gift to make that special person happy and you will be the most popular for giving the best […]

What to Look for in an Erotic Store

When you visit an adult store, you want to make sure you choose the one that meets your wants and needs. Learn what to look at Hot Flixx. There are over 4,500 adult stores in the country right now, and that means if you’re interested in visiting one, it’s difficult to narrow them down! All of […]