Ins and Outs of Vibrator Orgasms – What You Need to Know

A recent survey found that women said they orgasmed during intercourse between 30-40 percent of the time. That’s a low number. However, there are many ways women can improve their orgasm ratio, especially outside of sexual intercourse. Vibrators are one useful tool that you can use by yourself or with a partner. Let’s go through […]

Why Is Couples Foreplay Important in Sex?

Sex is a tricky thing. It’s one of life’s most enjoyable experiences but can also become your biggest frustration in a relationship. The frequency of sex for couples varies and depends on a lot of circumstances. Some 25% of couples have sex once weekly. Another 16% have sex upward of three times per week, while […]

Spice up Your Sex Life With These Hot New Sex Toys

Over 80% of American women admit to owning a sex toy these days. This shows that people are both buying them in large quantities and admitting to it, showing you how normal you are for opening this article. Still, do you want to look into some new sex toys and pick up something a little […]

Sexy Lingerie for Women: Form Fitting, Luxurious, Sinful

Lingerie has been around in some form or fashion for thousands of years. Yet, it was not until recent decades that sexy lingerie for women became what it is today. In this lingerie shopping guide, we list the top options for women who want to feel sexy and sinful. You will not only please your […]

The Ultimate Guide to Trends on Sex Toys for Him

While Denmark and Sweden are leading in the polls in online searches for sex toys, the United States ranks fourth in the world with 104 searches per 1000 American internet users. So, what is everyone searching for? What new gizmos and gadgets of pleasure are on the market? From masturbation sleeves to vibrating cock rings, […]

A Complete Guide to Trends on Sex Toys for Her

A recent study found that most users of intimate technologies formed connections to their virtual partners, both emotionally and sexually. Sex technology and AI are on the rise and they may be better than the real thing. So how do you get started in this brave new frontier? If you are new to sex toys […]

Five Ways to Have Fun with Orgasm Denial

Have you ever heard that close to half of all adults feel like their sex lives are boring? One of the simplest sex tips that you can use to get mind-blowing results is to try new things. If you or your partner aren’t ready to dive into the kinkiest things yet, you can start slowing […]

Explore Your Kink: 7 Beginner-Friendly Bondage Sex Toys

Did you know that sexual liberation and BDSM play can help people heal from gender-identity trauma? Kinky sex isn’t all fun and games. It is also a real path to healing deep wounds. Exploring your kink has also never been easier. Thanks to the internet, you have access to a diverse range of toys to […]

How to Shop for Anal Plugs for the First Time

Are you looking to add some excitement and variety to your intimate life? Or have you been intrigued by the idea of exploring anal play but unsure where to start? If so, fret not, my adventurous friend, for you have come to the right place! Since there are so many shapes, sizes, and materials to […]

5 Sexy Tips for Mind-Blowing Foreplay

If you’re like most American adults, you probably have sex about once a week. However, quantity isn’t a substitute for quality. It’s important that you learn how to have good sex when a boring roll in the hay won’t cut it. Here, we’re going to give you some sexy tips so you can have fun […]