Add More Heat to the Bedroom With Sex Toys for Couples

Since 98% of Americans cite pleasure as an important aspect of sexual health, it should come as no surprise that 61% of us own sex toys. Whether these toys are for solo play or to up your spice game when bonding with a partner, there are tons of options available.

Here, we’re going to talk about some sex toys for couples that boost both intimacy and fun. Read on to stop Googling “sex stores near me” and start feeling so good instead.

How to Use Sex Toys for Couples

Introducing sex toys to your relationship requires a lot of communication. Talk about what you’d like and think about what feels good for both of you. Shop for toys together to make sure you get something that you’re both enthused about.

Talking about sex toys can be awkward. Make sure that you both emphasize that sex toys are made to increase intimacy. You don’t want your partner to feel like you’re replacing their body with toys – you just want them to understand that they’re pleasure enhancers.

Make sure to get sex toys from a reputable retailer like Adult Video Warehouse. It’s important to get body-safe toys that won’t cause irritation or dangerous breakage.

The Best Toys to Try

Vibrators are some of the most popular sex toys out there. They come in tons of shapes and sizes, and you can use them with varyingly intense settings.

Men can also enjoy vibrating cock rings to get some of that same pleasure that women have been enjoying for centuries. It’s also totally awesome to hold a traditional vibrator to the head of your partner’s penis and watch the magic happen!

Vibrating panties are also a ton of fun, and your partner can control them from a cell phone app. If you want to amp up your fun, wear them while at home and let your loved one surprise you sometimes.

Amp Up the Spice

Lingerie can take your bedroom experiences a step further. Sexy role-play costumes can let you act out fun fantasies like boss/employee fantasies, sexy flight attendant RP, and more.

If you’re curious about dabbling in kink and there’s enthusiastic consent from both parties, try getting some comfortable restraints like soft silk ties or fuzzy handcuffs. Bondage gear can also include things like eye masks, ball gags, and more.

No matter how spicy things get, though, make sure that you’re willing to have a little fun and laugh when things get awkward. Some sex toys aren’t going to work for you, and things will be funny. These happy, laughing moments are also important for connection and intimacy, so embrace them.

Shop for High-Quality Sex Toys

Now that you know some of the best sex toys for couples out there, it’s time to spice up your sex life by visiting an adult store. Hotflixx has toys and novelties for all sexual preferences and lingerie that helps you play out your favorite fantasies. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you take your intimacy to the next level.

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