Tips To Make Your Sex Toys Last Much Longer

You probably already have at least one sex toy in your collection and Hotflixx wants you to get the most out of them and enjoy them so we will tell you what you should do to take better care of them and make them last longer.

There are thousands of options if we talk about sex toys, materials, textures, sizes, etc. but that’s why you must know how to take care of your best friends because they need special care to give you pleasure for much longer.


Sex toys  are something very private, personal and if you don’t take care of them in the right way, they could affect your health. That is why it is very important that you purchase sex toys in safe, clean places where you trust 100%. Hotflixx offers you a clean, safe environment and with the confidence of each of our employees. We also have the best brands in which you trust something as important as your pleasure; so, feel safe and with the confidence that Hotflixx offers you the best products. Quality is something that cannot be negotiated. Always look for the best quality in your sex toys as that will make you feel confident and safe when using them.


When choosing your new sex toy, consider the material it is made of as this is important to know the use, whether it is waterproof or not, lubricant you are going to use, this is very important to know, and how to wash and store it. These points are basic for good care, good performance and that it will last as long as possible. Just as you should always use lubricants, there are also special cleaners for your sex toys. Always have them on hand and use them after you have enjoyed your adult toy. All of these can be found at Hotflixx.


Just as you have a special drawer for your underwear or your socks or makeup, your sex toys should have one too. And you cannot be exposing them to contact with other things or dust because remember that it can affect your health. You should keep them in places that are neither too cold nor too hot, where they do not suffer much moisture and where they do not get light. It is also very important that you don’t share your toys. Sex toys are personal, they should not be shared as they harbor fluids and can cause infections. In any case, if you are going to share it, you can do it using a condom and changing it when you give it to the other person.

Whether you are looking for new sex toys, lubricants, cleaning products or maybe some CBD products or sexy lingerie, look no further because at Hotflixx  you will find this and much more. Our prices are the best in town. Come shop and see for yourself!

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