3 most common sexual fetishes

Talking about sexuality would be to talk for hours, since in this world there are endless options, tastes, and fantasies. Until a few years ago very few people dared to talk about fetishism  related to the sexual bubble, as it was considered a taboo subject. However, this situation has changed. This time Hotflixx  will tell you what are 3 of the most common fetishes.

First of all, we could define a fetish as the pleasure, excitement or sexual desire that causes some object or body part, they can range from latex, lingerie, to feet, people with certain specific characteristics and much more. Although for many the word “fetish” may be a bit intimidating, it is a common and harmless practice that can actually improve the sexual experience.

Here are 3 of the most common fetishes.


One of the most common fetishes and not only in men, but also in women is to consider feet, foot jobs and shoes as something sexual. Foot fetish does not have to be explicitly sexual, something as simple as a foot massage can be part of the fetish. There are many variations to this fetish, for example there are people who only like or take pleasure in contemplating feet, with or without shoes, others prefer to touch their lover’s feet, even kissing; and there are also those who prefer to use their toes as the main stimulus for their libido. There is even a pedicure fetish. And it is that feminine feet with well-trimmed nails and a nice and delicate polish.


Lingerie is also considered one of the most common fetishes, as they are designed to make the woman who wears them feel sexy and powerful, this causes great excitement. And for men, the sight of their partner wearing sexy lace garments, especially in colors like black and red, also causes great stimulation. They can wear pantyhose, garter belts, and even complement it with high heels. At Hotflixx we have a large inventory of sexy lingerie from lace, sheer to latex, leather and much more.

Sex Toys

And in this list could not miss the favorites and best friends of many: sex toys. And here the catalog is huge, since there are for her, for him and to enjoy together. They come in different materials, sizes, functions and with the latest technology. The important thing is that you know what you like and what your lover likes. This is where you should let your imagination run wild and experience new sensations. Hotflixx has thousands of options, so be sure to visit our locations.

For sexuality the only rule is that you both agree, so fetishes are also an important part of the relationship. The main thing is to have communication to know what the other likes and what he/she does not agree with.  Hotflixx is the ideal place to fulfill your fantasies and take them to the next level. Visit our  locations, a safe and warm environment for you.

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