5 tips for better and intense orgasms

We know that the cherry on the cake when having intimate encounters is to reach an orgasm full of sensations and that makes you explode with pleasure, but how to reach it in an even more powerful way? Hotflixx has these tips that you should not miss.

Although we know that each person is different when it comes to enjoying sexuality , there are tips or techniques that can help you make your orgasms better and more intense. And it is very important that you know that it doesn’t matter if you have a partner or not. These tips are personal and will surely be of great help for you to enjoy sex even more.

Be present

Although it may sound obvious to be present when enjoying sex, intimacy or whatever you are going to do, either alone or accompanied, being in the moment is very important. Enjoying it and not having your head in some other place or things like work, children, etc. will help you to enjoy even more the pleasure of stimulation and of course to reach orgasm. When you put your conscious mind in the moment the stimulation will be much greater. Give yourself time, space and enjoy it.


Erotic fantasies  can take your stimulation to another level. Talk with your partner, what you would like, what the limits are and when you can accomplish the fantasies you both have. Fantasies are like daydreaming about what brings you pleasure. It’s an exciting and different way to spice up your relationship. Talking about and realizing your erotic fantasies will lead to more pleasure and even sexual well-being and of course better orgasms.


Foreplay is essential to reach a good orgasm and is that especially women who may take a little longer to stimulate. Foreplay helps to prepare both physically and mentally your body to have sex and enjoy it to the fullest. So, do not underestimate the time you dedicate to foreplay: hugs, kisses, massages, touching will make you stimulated much more and more explosively, so imagine when it comes to reach the big O.


The best way to know what you like, how you like it, what stimulates you, where you feel the most pleasure, is masturbation. When you already know your body, sensations and what gives you the most pleasure you can bring your partner to help you stimulate the right erogenous zone. This helps your partner understand what you like sexually and can improve your sex as a couple in the future. Varying sensations, erogenous zones and positions increases pleasure, improves the chances of having an orgasm and enhances erotic desire.

Sex Toys

By incorporating sex toys  into your relationship, you will have the opportunity to experience greater and better orgasms as you can add new sensations into sex. There is a wide variety of adult toys  that you can find at Hotflixx so it will depend on what you and your partner like or what you like if you are the one who is going to buy this new toy. There are variations in materials, speeds, body parts that stimulate, so the best recommendation is to try them out and decide which one is your favorite.

So, if you are determined to experience better orgasms, visit Hotflixx and see all the options we have to make your relationship more fun and pleasurable. You’ll find everything from the most popular sex toys, lubricants, sexy lingerie, to BDSM items and much more.

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